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Your Gallbladder is a vital part of your body and should not be removed. Find out all the facts to save this organ and all the Information you need to know on Gallstone Removal and Gallbladder Care.

I was admitted at the Sand Lake Hospital in Orlando, Florida in September 2005, where the doctors diagnosed gallstones and wanted to perform gallbladder surgery immediately.

Then I remembered that I had your report on Removing Gallstones naturally and so after signing a release I left the hospital and went home.

That night I followed the instructions given in the report and the next morning I passed the stones.

A few days later I went to the doctor and had an ultra sound that showed no stones. The doctor did not believe that I ever had any gallstones or that I passed them by taking a simple natural remedy, even though I saw them with my own eyes.

I want to express my gratitude because I was cured and could keep my gallbladder, which according to the doctors had to be removed.

Joseph M. Bustamante
Orlando – Florida USA

Feel free of gallbladder pain and dissolve gallstones fast avoiding gallbladder surgery. Take a proven, safe, natural remedy that is easy to follow
Did you know that when a person has gallstones he or she almost always has liver stones? Doctors keep this important fact from you. Our natural remedy removes both the gallstones and the liver stones. You will feel completely cured and free from stones. As a result your overall health, strength and vitality will increase
Removing the gallstones from the liver and gallbladder also improves digestion, which is the vital for your whole health. Your pains and allergies will disappear, and you will have more energy and a sense of Well Being

Imagine being Pain Free, Healthy and full of energy and vitality by solving your Gallbladder problems immediately and forever


Remove Your Gallstones Forever

Avoid a Gallbladder Attack! Dissolve Gallstones Immediately, Pain Free and Without Drugs or Surgery by using this Easy to Follow Natural Treatment for Gallstones with Safe Effective Results

Sound crazy, or impossible?

... Then keep reading and see how people
are already getting these results, using our
powerful Remedy...

Help yourself and your family by learning about this amazing natural approach to gallstone elimination

From: Daniel Ghiotti and Jerome Poritz

Dear Friend,

Stop your suffering now and avoid continuous pain by eliminating your Gallstones fast. Also avoid Gallbladder problems and related pain by finding the solution right here.

Furthermore if you are a victim of gallbladder surgery or have post-operative complications and toxin related problems, then you need to read on and find the solutions to these circumstances and obtain Good Health and a HIGH quality of life.

Do You Want to Solve The Biggest Problems
Concerning Gallstones?

Do you want to dissolve gallstones fast and naturally?

Do you want to avoid gallstone surgery?

Do you want relieve from back/flank pain caused by gallstones?

Do you want to know what happens if gallstones are left untreated?

Do you want to know what happens if you do not naturally support your gallbladder?

Do you want to maintain a healthy gallbladder, kidney, liver, and other internal organs healthy for life?

Do you want to know what foods to eat to avoid gallstones, and what diet should you follow?

Do you want to protect yourself from future gallbladder problems, like a gallbladder attack, or from developing gallstones?

Do you want to know what the complications are after surgery?

Do you want to recognize potential gallbladder and liver deterioration or failure?

How Are We Going To Solve These Problems:

We are going to share with you the solutions for gallstones and related problems and for maintaining healthy internal organs. Therefore first understand that we are not mere compilers of Internet information who then charge you money just to pass on that same information.

Our passion and objective, as experienced advisors in Alternative Medicine and Ancient Remedies, is to save people like you from unnecessary illness and pain or from living a poor quality of life. We want you to be free of gallbladder problems forever and show you how to have clean healthy internal organs, like the liver, pancreas and kidney, along with complete overall good health.

We have a proven formula for gallstones treatment to dissolve gallstones immediately. Our holistic knowledge and natural approach comes from 35 years of scientific research and practice, and travels to distant places like India, Nepal, Central and South America including the Amazon Rainforest, studying under famous doctors and ancient medicine specialists renowned for natural treatments and cures.

We are also practitioners and teachers of this age-old art of Ayurveda, the natural medicine of India and bring you these formulas and remedies that have become very popular in the western world over the past two decades. We run the well known VEDIKA Holistic Center in Lima, Peru, where we offer a variety of alternative therapies using Ayurveda and traditional Peruvian medicine.

We have developed these Ayurveda remedies from India and combined them with those of the Incas and Indians of the Peruvian Amazon, which allowed us to offer you the most effective of all home remedies for gallstones.

In 1992 we published the acclaimed book “Health and Vitality,” which included a diet for gallstones, and our natural remedy for gallstones which successfully helped thousands of people. These scientific treatments have passed the test of time, with continuous safe and effective results with no negative side effects.

You can be one of those successful persons with such positive results by reading our Report "Remove Gallstones Forever"

Watch Out!

Those proponents, who blast natural remedies and then overload your body with expensive vitamin and mineral supplements, can make the problem worst because the liver and pancreas cannot assimilate these products. These sales persons do not know the truth of the Real Science of Ayurveda Natural Ancient Remedies and Cures.

Therefore do not be fooled by any hodgepodge formula blend that is neither natural nor scientific from a balanced body perspective.

Remember that our types of remedies have worked for thousands of years and have cured millions of people

Immediate Relief is Right at Your Fingertips

Amazing Facts!

  • Gallstones are the most common and costly disease in the US!

  • Gallstones cause over 800,000 hospitalizations each year!

  • 500,000 people have gallbladder surgery each year!


Your doctor’s solution for surgery is unnecessary. Keep your gallbladder because it is a vital part of your body! And, if you already had surgery, then you are in need of an immediate toxic cleansing

If you are reading our page you probably have acute Choleystitis, which is a condition of an inflamed Gallbladder, usually caused by gallstones blocking one or more of the bile ducts. This condition is causing you a great deal of pain and discomfort.

Yet, the solution in most cases is not to remove your gallbladder, but to eliminate the gallstones.

The gallbladder does serve an important function in storing and distributing bile. The real healthy solution is a natural remedy for your Gallstones and cleansing of your Gallbladder.

Your doctor’s solution is surgery and allopathic medication and the possible result is toxicity. Why?

Your doctor does not have knowledge to offer you any other solution because he is not aware of natural alternatives. Before you are one of the 500,000 who tries surgery this year first try our Natural Remedy that gets results fast.

Avoid Surgery - Why?

Your Gallbladder is a vital part of your body and should not be removed. Find out all the facts to save this organ and all the Information you need to know on Gallstone Removal and Gallbladder Care

The complications to gallbladder surgery are numerous and can include bile drip, diarrhea, and higher cholesterol levels plus toxins may remain in your digestive system and blood. These toxins, although may be unnoticed for years, can eventually cause many serious diseases to the heart, liver and other major organs.

Even the RISK OF BOWEL CANCER increases. You can avoid all the above possible complications and also surgery. In fact, a large percentage of patients coming out of surgery have stones remaining in both the bile and liver ducts.

Consider a Natural, Fast, Effective, Painless Solution that will act immediately and relieve your Gallstone suffering right away.

Let us understand the Gallbladder and its problems, conditions and the cause of gallstones in particular:

The gallbladder is a small pear-shaped sac located beneath the liver on the right side of the abdomen. The gallbladder's primary function is to store and secrete bile into the intestine at the proper time to aid in digestion.

The gallbladder is connected to the liver and the small intestine by a series of ducts that transport bile. Collectively, these ducts are called the biliary system.

As food passes from the stomach into the small intestine, the gallbladder contracts and sends its stored bile into the intestine through the common bile duct. Once in the intestine, bile helps to digest and absorb the fats from food that has been broken down by enzymes secreted from the pancreas and the intestine.

Gallstones in minute form are often within the gallbladder, which stores bile excreted from the liver. Bile is made up of water, salts, lecithin, cholesterol, and other substances. Gallstones begin to form when certain chemicals in the bile, either cholesterol or bile pigments, start to clump together.

There are three major types of gallstones: Cholesterol stones, Pigment stones and Mixed stones

Cholesterol stones are yellowish in color and usually seen in singles; oval in shape, soft in consistency and smooth. This type of stone is usually seen in the Hartmann’s pouch in the neck of the gallbladder since these types of stones usually float.

Pigment stones are composed of bile pigments such as bilirubin and other substances such as calcium salts, which are found in bile. Pigment stones are dark green in color, small in size, usually multiple and irregular in shape. They are formed due to blood disorders and other chronic infections, which maintain the erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) at a high level.

These conditions, due to blood destruction, cause increased serum bilirubin level. This bilirubin is trapped in the liver and excreted in the bile. If the bile doesn’t flow properly, these pigments accumulate as sediment and form stones. They tend to develop in people who have cirrhosis, biliary tract infections, and hereditary blood disorders, such as sickle cell anemia, in which too much bilirubin is formed.

Mixed stones are brown in color, large in size, usually multiple and irregular in shape. These types constitute 70 to 80 per cent of stones. These stones are composed of cholesterol, pigments, salts and other chemicals. Since it is somewhat larger in size, it is usually seen in the body of the gallbladder as it cannot escape into the intestine and outweigh the risk of blockage in the common bile duct.

Did you know that when a person has gallstones he or she almost always has liver stones? Doctors keep this important fact from you. Our natural remedy removes both the gallstones and the liver stones. You will feel completely cured and free from stones. As a result your overall health, strength and vitality will increase

Gallstones are also categorized as either Aseptic (porous and float) or Septic (less porous and generally do not float). Cholesterol and Mixed stones are aseptic, and Pigment stones are septic. The first category is the most common.

Gallstones can also vary in shape from round, oval to irregular; in size from as small as grains of sand to as large as one inch, and in number from single or solitary to tiny 100s.

Sometimes gallstones get stuck in the bile ducts causing attacks of severe abdominal pain. The tendency to form gallstones is partially inherited and is more common in people who are obese, overeat or lose weight rapidly through extreme diets.

A steady, severe pain in the upper abdomen usually marks a gallstone attack. Such attacks may last only 20 or 30 minutes, but more often they last for several hours.

A gallstone attack also may cause pain between the shoulder blades or in the right shoulder and may cause nausea or vomiting. Typically, attacks may be separated by weeks, months, or years. Once a true attack occurs, subsequent attacks are much more likely.

Prolonged blockage of any of these ducts can cause severe damage to the gallbladder, liver, or pancreas. Stones also may interfere with the flow of digestive fluids secreted by the pancreas into the small intestine and lead to pancreatitis, which can be fatal.


Removing the gallstones from the liver and gallbladder also improves digestion, which is the vital for your whole health. Your pains and allergies will disappear and you will have more energy and a sense of Well Being


The House of Health and Well Being has the solution in its Ancient Proven Natural Remedy that will allow you to Remove gallstones fast, safely and effectively.

And if you already had gallbladder surgery and you are experiencing poor health with flu like symptoms, slow recuperation and other types of complications as low energy, fatigue, diarrhea, internal body pain, and so on we can also help you.

The solution to rectify these problems and avoid future complications and risks is right here


With The Remove Gallstones Forever Report:

  • You benefit from a Natural Ancient Gallstone Remedy that avoids Surgery and allows you to feel good again with energy and vitality.

  • Find Out About a Natural Alternative Holistic Medicine that Eliminates Gallstones Fast, Easy and Without Pain.

  • Learn How to Relieve All Your Gallbladder Related Problems such as Back and shoulder Pain, Muscle Pain and other discomforts.

  • Find out how to avoid taking toxic medicines that just cause side effects and other difficulties while we provide you with a Natural Support Program for your Gallbladder and other vital organs.

  • Learn what Foods to Avoid and what Foods to Eat that Support your Gallbladder and will keeps your entire body clean and Free from Disease.

  • What about untreated Gallstones? You will learn immediately how to deal with this problem with a specific cleansing formula and our Gallbladder support diet.

  • Discover how to deal with Complications after Surgery and learn the signs of these untreated disturbances and how to remedy them.

  • Learn how you will regain your Health and maintain it forever. We will show you a simple formula and a few easy changes that will give you peace and joy in life.

  • Learn how to Maintain and Support Other Vital Organs Naturally and Effectively and thus forever avoid problems with your Liver, Kidney and Pancreas.

Daniel Ghiotti and Jerome Poritz founders of All Vedic, The House of Health and Well Being, are truly dedicated to create complete health for YOU. If you are not healthy then your entire family suffers along with you. Right now we are going to solve your Gallstone problem fast and with a proven natural and safe remedy.

Our professional colleagues in Ayurveda have generations of experience and a track record of success that is incomparable. Oftentimes you have heard from a friend or relative that someone was cured of a serious illness by taking a natural remedy. This miracle, which defied any allopathic medicine or medical practice, is possible with our remedy!

Do Not Lose Your Gallbladder! Do Not Have Surgery!

See how others feel about these Ancient Natural Remedies described in our report!

Your remedy helped me to expel more than 50 gallstones

Your remedy described in the Remove Report helped me to expel more than 50 gallstones.

I was so excited that right after I passed the stones, I called to share with you the results, and left a message on your answering machine describing the details.

Now I am a believer and continue to follow your other natural programs for total health.

Pratima Poddar – 45
Patna, India

The House of Health and Well Being spent years of investigation and thousands of hours of research to bring you these remedies and information for GOOD HEALTH

Simply amazed by these results I gave the remedy to my 70-year-old mother

Dear Daniel,


As you know I was very reluctant to try this remedy, but my husband insisted because he did not want me to have surgery. I followed these easy instructions.

In less than 24 hours I passed several dozen stones. Fifteen days later I repeated the remedy, as you suggested, just making sure there were not any remaining liver stones.

Simply amazed by these results I gave the remedy to my 70-year-old reluctant mother who was previously diagnosed with gallstones. The results were exactly the same except that she passed many more stones. What can be said then we both feel that we have a new lease on life.

Happy mother and daughter

Marilda Almeida and Concepción Costa
New Jersey, USA


I avoided the operation and saved over $6000 and my gallbladder

This book saved my gallbladder and my money. According to doctors, surgery was the only alternative I had to get rid of my gallbladder stones. I had to act fast because I was having severe pain.

Luckily, you came to my rescue, and the day after I followed the simple instructions that appear in your book, I was able to expel more than 50 stones, avoiding the operation and saving over $6000 and my gallbladder.

Since then, I follow the diet that the book recommends in order to avoid the formation of more stones. I also will repeat the cleansing treatment once a year.

Michael Uzchastegui - 40
Gainesville, Florida - USA

Ensure your Health Effortlessly and Learn the Truth about Gallstones and How to Care for the Gallbladder in our report.

Our Safe, Fast, Natural Remedy is completely explained to you in detail in the: Remove Gallstones Forever Report.

There is no need to suffer pain or discomfort. There is no need of surgery. Solve your Gallstone Problem now and also learn about the Best Method to Maintain a Healthy Gallbladder along with all your other vital internal organs, especially the liver.

Once again I can work free of pain and full of energy

My dearest Daniel,

I have been suffering such serious right side, shoulder and back pain for the last eight months that I have not been able to work in my home design business. My husband has taken me for help everywhere from several medical doctors, naturopaths to various specialty clinics.

They diagnosed me from liver or pancreas ailment to a leaky duct and lupus disease. Losing hope for a solution my friend referred me to your report. The previous night, before I began the remedy I was in excruciating pain and vomiting.

The next morning I passed more than 100 stones. The relief from your remedy has saved my life. Once again I can work free of pain and full of energy. Wow! For me it is a miracle.

Also, thank you so much and for the all the information you sent me on maintaining my health naturally.

Zoraida Alvarez - 44
New York City, USA

Do you really like going to the doctor? Do you want to keep paying for office visits and prescription drugs? Imagine avoiding the cost of one doctor’s visit, even your co-pay on insurance will pay for our report. No one wants to take medicines and then deal with the side effects, right?

… I followed the treatment and expelled 40 stones in less than a day

Daniel what a relief,

I was suffering severe pain in the right side of my abdomen and right arm and shoulder. Since my friend had read your book in Spanish he immediately recognized the symptoms of gallstones.

Two days later I followed the remedy and expelled 40 stones in less then a day. All my pain is gone and I am feeling normal again. Now I am following your diet recommendations and also other cleansing remedies you described.

I have shared these remedies with over a dozen people and they are also having amazing results. Also I am learning so much about natural health from your newsletter.

Raphael Falconi – 42
Miami Beach, Florida USA

Imagine the value of this report compared to the cost of surgery PLUS hospital and rehabilitation, which can amount to thousands of dollars. If you have health insurance still what is the savings in recuperation time and co-pays? Furthermore even after a gallbladder is removed you may have liver stones remaining.


I am feeling so much better now that I can hardly believe it!

I was in a great deal of pain and suffering from so much nausea that it was interfering with taking care of my baby. After an ultrasound the doctor told me I had a large gallstone the size of a grape.

I wasn’t going for the surgeon’s knife so I tried several remedies, but nothing worked. Then l tried Daniel’s treatment and in the morning I passed it without any pain or discomfort, together with several small ones that I think came from my liver.

I am feeling so much better now that I can hardly believe it.

Ana Herrera 40
Santiago de Chile


After the treatment I passed over 20 stones

The doctors told me that my pain and swelling was from my gallbladder and probably gallstones. Still I was so reluctant to take your remedy, but I was so wrong.

After the treatment I passed over 20 stones the first day and a bunch the second day. I am sorry for doubting because these remedies really work exactly how you described.

As you recommended I am going to do it again in six months.

Alexandra Fornes – 32
Miami, Florida

The price to get this knowledge is insignificant compared to the miseries of gallstones! Imagine that: You can stop these miseries for less then a month’s daily cost of a cup of coffee!

You can receive the remove gallstones forever report at the regular retail price of only $39.00 available at any time or you can get the bonus and discount when you order within today.

In addition to the Remove Gallstones Forever Report:

If you order NOW we will send you Daniel’s book “Health and Vitality – Miracles Cures from Ancient India”. This incredible book will show you how to have daily strength, energy and vitality PLUS dozens of other remedies and diets.

There is no price to having the health and vitality that allows you to do the things you want to do at any time. When anyone asks you “How do you feel” or “How are you?” Your response will automatically be – “I FEEL FANTASTIC”. The information in this book will unlock the secrets to terrific and constant good health.

The book alone has a value of $24.70 and is FREE with the Report if you order today.


If you order the report today you receive the bonus plus an additional 40% off the regular retail price. Therefore You get the Remove Gallstones Forever Report for just $19.70!

JUST $19.70 -That is it!

You have a report that will save your Gallbladder forever. A report that shows you easily, naturally and safely how to get rid of Gallstones. You also will have a fantastic book on health and alternative medicine. Plus you will receive knowledge about the ancient system of Ayurveda. Receive all this powerful information for your permanent good health just by ordering now the Remove Gallstones Forever Report.

For a moment just consider how silly it is for you not to take advantage of this incredible value. If you do not have gallstones but you just want to protect yourself from future gallbladder and liver problems then that alone is sufficient to order the report.

If you just want to learn about holistic good health that is an intelligent reason to order the REMOVE GALLSTONES FOREVER REPORT and also get the bonus. You will be able to download the two eBooks to your computer right after placing your order, and enjoy the benefits immediatly!

Click Here to Own the Remove Gallstones Forever Report, and Get Rid of your Gallstones Easily by using this Proven Natural Remedy.

The House of Health and Well Being is so completely certain of your success in eliminating gallstones that we offer a total money back guarantee:


We will give you 180 days to review our Remove Gallstones Forever Report. During this period, at any time and with no questions asked, if you are not completely 100% satisfied we will send you a full refund. All you have to do is just ask for it sending us an email. We are so sure of the results that we can offer you this money back guarantee.

Remember no questions and no hassles. Just ask for a refund.

What is the alternative to the report Remove Gallstones Forever? You can continue with pain and keep looking for solutions other than surgery or you can take your chances with doctors and drugs.

You can try other claims of natural remedies, supplements and so on and fill your body with so many so called natural things that sound good, but are just unnecessary. If you already had surgery then without this information you may become toxic from bile drip or drugs and in the long term have other problems, even possibly bowel cancer.

Imagine being Pain Free, Healthy and full of energy and vitality by solving your Gallbladder problems immediately and forever.

With our money back guarantee you only have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

So, what are all the benefits you receive?

  • Immediate and safe relief of Gallstones expelled naturally

  • No surgery and no recovery discomfort

  • No high medical bills co-pays or health insurance company dealings.

  • No time lost in income and work so you still continue to make money.

  • Full pain relief and Freedom from anxiety or drugs.

  • A proven ancient remedy that has helped thousands.

  • Information on how to maintain a healthy Gallbladder.

  • Ayurveda knowledge as a natural holistic alternative to keep your liver, kidney and pancreas healthy for life.

  • A transformation from sluggishness to constant high energy

Get all these benefits from the Report along with your BONUS and DISCOUNT without any risk or obligation and with a full money back guarantee.

You get the Remove Gallstones Forever Report for just $19.70 with a:

  1. FREE ebook - Health and Vitality showing you how to have daily strength, energy and vitality PLUS dozens of other remedies and cures for a savings of $24.70

  2. 40% Special Discount just for ordering the book today for a savings of $12.00

When you take full advantage of the Remove Gallstones Forever Report, utilize the remedies, cures and information then please inform us of your results and receive additional information for free for just keeping in touch with us.

Feel free of gallbladder pain and dissolve gallstones fast. Avoid gallbladder surgery forever. Take a proven, safe, natural remedy that is fast and easy!

Don’t miss this opportunity!

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  • order by sending a check to:

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Wishing you forever good health the natural way,

Daniel Ghiotti, ND and Jerome Poritz -
Practitioners and Advisors in Natural Alternative Medicine and Ayurveda with more than 25 years of experience.

P.S. When you buy our Remove Gallstones Forever report you will learn the secrets of Natural Alternative Medicine that dissolve Gallstones fast, without pain or discomfort and which is totally safe. You will receive the value of knowledge and information that will change your entire life with good health and constant well being. You will not only solve your immediate problem, but will have the power of knowledge to protect yourself, your family and friends from health problems for a lifetime.

P.P.S. Please do not be fooled by those claiming natural remedies and cures. They only offer lots of information about drugs with the alternative of many supplements, vitamins and so on or some miracle expensive multi product with lots of these “so called” natural ingredients. You do not need the expense of the product nor to spend months trying to cure yourself. Remove gallstones in 24 hours and create a complete healthy body full of energy and vitality from our Report.

P.P.P.S. Imagine being free of pain while also knowing how to recuperate from Gallbladder surgery if you already had it. Remember if you order now you will get the bonus worth. You will be able to also help others and get respect and appreciation from relationships. In this report you get the remedy that is easy and almost cost free to follow plus all the knowledge from years of research in this special area of Ayurveda Health Practices. Everything you need and with no-risk to you plus a 100% money back, no questions asked guarantee for 180 days!

You will be able to download to your computer the Gallstone Report and the Ayurveda bonus book (as two eBooks) within seconds of placing your order.

Do Not Forget that this is a RISK FREE, no hassle,100% Money Back Guarantee for 180 days

The House of Health and Well Being


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